I should start out by mentioning that I’ve been a big fan of Panic for years – I’ve used Transmit since Mac OS 9 days, and Coda since its initial release. Since then, Coda has been my primary web development application. I should also mention that I’m not someone who avoids change, particularly in the software I use. Over the years of waiting for a Coda update, I’ve delved into other apps like Espresso, Sublime Text, BBEdit, PhpStorm. There are plenty of things I’ve liked in each of the other apps (as far as I’m concerned, all the above are great), but I always found myself returning to Coda. I purchased Coda 2 on the day it was released (from the App Store), and have been using it for a little more than a week. Initially, I was just happy to be using something new and different. As the novelty is wearing off, I’m wishing it was more like Coda 1 – in many of the same ways I wished the apps by other developers were more like Coda.

Things I Like in Coda 2:

  • Code folding
  • Seeing the full document path above the editor area
  • New syntax coloring options
  • Site grouping
  • Sidebar clips

Things I Miss from Coda 1:

  • The quick FTP upload button by changed files
  • The code hints below the editor area (and hinting that’s generally helpful)
  • Being able to have the Files and Navigator both open in the sidebar
  • The visual CSS editor (didn’t use it much, but was nice when training)

Things I’d Like Added:

  • Better sidebar(s) – both sides of screen, stacked, etc. I very often want to see more than one at a time, for instance Files + Navigator + Hints. The new live navigation tree above the edit area is nice, but no replacement for the Files sidebar.
  • Better code hinting – at least as good as Coda 1, but would be great to have more hinting from internal custom classes in the site (though for me, not at the expense of much application speed).
  • Some sort of magical something that makes everything easy and fun.
I think my ideal editor would have the sidebar(s) from Espresso, the editor from Sublime Text 2 and the FTP features and code hinting from Coda 1. I’m guessing I’ll like Coda 2 a lot more after a few “minor” updates from Panic… after all, those guys are awesome. Looking forward to whatever’s next, but for now, I’ll keep using Coda 2 – maybe some of the new features will grow on me.