Our Services

We design and build websites, and have been doing so for more than a decade. We also build custom web-based database applications, and plugins and themes for popular content management systems, like Joomla! and WordPress.

Web & Application Development

Our primary focus is on web and application development. We specialize in building database-intensive web applications, both as plugins and extensions to popular CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla, and as stand-alone sites and utilities. The technologies we work with include the following:

  • Custom WordPress Extensions
    (Plugins, Themes, Widgets, Content Types, Shortcodes)
  • Custom Joomla! Extensions
    (Components, Modules, Plugins and Templates)
  • Custom Database Applications & Admin Panels
    (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript)

Our services are often provided to other web design and development companies, as white-label contracting work. If you’re a web company and occasionally need help with more complicated development projects or building user-friendly interfaces to existing applications, we’d love to help.

Responsive Web Design

We are a full stack web company and can build a responsive, mobile-friendly website from the ground up. We don’t rely on making modifications to an existing template or theme. We have a strong design background and can help with pretty much any aspect of building a website.

  • Custom WordPress Themes and Joomla Templates
  • Custom Bootstrap Designs & Implementations
  • Child Theme Development & Theme Customization
  • Develop Mobile-Friendly Versions of Existing Designs

Small Business Web Services

If you run (or work for) a business that wants help with their website, but doesn’t have the budget or need for a full time in-house web team, we can help with every aspect of designing and building a website, along with search engine optimization, site security and web and email hosting.

Creative Web Design

We offer creative and unique web design with a thorough understand of how design affects functionality and performance.

Quality Web Development

Our hand crafted web code is designed to reduce bloat while offering maximum customization of design and features.

Responsive Web Design

Your website or application should look great on any device. We design mobile-first, with progressive enhancements.

WordPress Development

WordPress sites are our specialty, including custom themes and plugins, content design, WooCommerce shops and more.

Joomla! Development

We build and manage Joomla! sites, and can help manage content, monitor security, or even build custom templates and plugins.

Custom Web Programming

With over a decade of experience, we can build your next web or database app, using PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5, CSS and more.

Web Hosting Services

We offer web hosting, backups and updates for our clients, and can also help manage and maintain your cPanel web server.

Website Optimization

Speed and search engine optimization are important for your website’s success, and we’re ready to help with your code and content.

White Label Contracting

Most of our clients are other web and media agencies. If you’re looking for a “man behind the curtain”, we’ve got you covered.