I had some difficulty today trying to share my printer over the network with my wife’s new laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. I’m not exactly sure which steps were all required, but I did end up getting it to work to where the Windows machine can now print to the Mac shared printer. Steps I took:

  1. Upgraded the Mac machine to newest version (10.7.1 at the time)
  2. Make sure printer sharing is enabled on the Mac under System Preferences / Sharing / Printer Sharing
  3. Installed the needed print drivers on the Windows machine (in my case, an Epson Stylus NX125)
  4. Installed Bonjour Print Services for Windows on the Windows 7 machine
  5. Used the Bonjour Printer Wizard in Windows 7 to find the shared Mac printer and set it up (selecting the appropriate driver, installed previously)
  6. Made sure the printer status was “ready” (filled an ink cartridge that was complaining about being low)
  7. Restarted both machine

After all that, it seems to be working fine.

I did run into an odd bug where, after creating the Bonjour printer in Windows, it could not be deleted from the control panel. This was apparently caused by the @ sign in the printer name. The solution was to go into any application’s print dialog (I used Notepad), select the printer in the list and delete from there. I found that information here:
You cannot remove a printer that has the at sign (@) in its name from a computer that is running Windows 7